Why Wills are Vital for Everyone

Life is full of ironies that sometimes may be hard to discuss or think about. Probably the greatest aspect of human life is death. Whether we like it or not, death will come, and when it does, we leave everyone and everything behind.

Wills are not very common in developing countries, but in nations where most people are in the middle-income social status, wills and estates are a norm. If you’re mulling whether or not you should create a will even if you’re still young and healthy, there are significant aspects of a will that should convince you how critical this document is.

wills and estates PerthFirst and foremost, the last will protects everything you invested in from people who may want to take advantage of your assets and properties. Experts of wills and estates Perth recommend planning a will if you have savings and properties under your name. This way, you can rest assured that only the people who you think deserve your assets can control them.

Dying without a will but with a living spouse and children means the law will decide who controls the deceased person’s properties. In some cases, people who create the Wills don’t trust their loved ones, so they choose a non-blood relative to be the executor of their final testament.

For people who want someone else besides their family members to take control of their savings and properties, a will is necessary. Lawyers specialising in wills and estates Perth recommend creating a will as early as possible in such cases.

A testament can be revoked, and a new one will be created if the testator changes his or her mind regarding details initially written on the will. It includes disinheriting someone from receiving anything after one’s death. Yes, it’s possible, and it’s legal.


Dying intestate or without a will can cause chaos in families wherein the deceased has multiple assets under his name. Will and estates lawyers will try to lessen familial problems that could arise from the death of a person who did not create a will beforehand. However, it is still best to create a will to ensure that family members don’t fight over the division of assets.

Wills and testaments are not just about money, houses, villas, businesses, vehicles, and other things. These documents can also state what a testator wants for his or her children. A testator can say in the will who should look after his or her children after death. This scenario is very much applicable to parents with terminal conditions.

Creating a will long before death is not a crime. It reflects someone’s sense of responsibility. It could also save family members from many probate-related costs and potential tax duties if a will isn’t present following death.