What You Should Ponder Before Renting or Hiring Sound Equipment for an Event

One of the essential aspects of an event that can make or break your guest’s experience is the audio-visual. There is the prospect of failure while using sound equipment with lousy audio and glitches or hiccups in a large gathering of people. Shopping around and learning a lot about sound equipment is a critical factor that could significantly help in formulating a good plan. Thus, before choosing sound equipment hire Adelaide, here are some of the essential things you need to know first.



The Right Procedure


No doubt, you will be like a busy bee working as fast as possible in the last minutes of the event. Although you and your team can significantly work under pressure, not everything is always available at your disposal such as the services of AV equipment. If you are organising an event, most especially during peak seasons, it is imperative that you give your audio visual company a two-day notice. Even though they will accommodate you, bear in mind that for fancier requirements and customisation, more time will be needed. Plus, book your spot as early as possible before other people who are also in need of the right equipment get it first.




Before hiring a rental company, take a closer look first on their pricing strategy. Many companies today are asking for a deposit before the day of the event and sometimes it can be 50% or half of the price for the whole service. Plus, pay attention to other important factors like cancellation charges, time frames for cancellation and if the deposit is refundable. Also, it might be more cost-effective if you rent the sound equipment much longer like a few days instead of only one. Remember that planning in advance might help you save money, so if you have multiple events coming up, then it is only reasonable to rent the equipment for a more extended period.


Equipment Type


The sound equipment available nowadays is not only quite expansive and sophisticated but also doesn’t include a good old PA system. When renting things like mixers, projectors, microphones, lights, karaoke systems, turntables, power amps, stands, DJ systems, mic receivers, floor monitors, cables and snakes, CD player, speakers, PA systems as well as keyboards, it is imperative that you gear to take note and ask about it. Knowing what is available and having a good background about it will significantly help you make a more logical and informed decision.




Similar to other rentals, sound equipment hire Adelaide also comes with an agreement that you need to sign. Damage, missing parts and insurance are only a few of the plenty of things that you must know. Plus, whether or not the machinery comes with an operator is also something to consider. Take note to carefully and thoroughly read the paper first before signing it and ensure that you correctly understand your responsibility as a renter.