4 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Expert

Welcome to the 21st century, where self-lacing sneakers are no longer just a concept from a 90s sci-fi movie. Kids already have smartphones, and having a successful business requires you to have an online presence – specifically on search engines and in social media. In this article, we’re going to talk about the latter, and why you need a social media expert. Social Media Expert – seomarketer.com.au will give you all the reasons why getting help from a professional social media manager is key to your success in today’s business landscape.

Sales & Leads

The ultimate goal of any online marketing strategy is to gain profit and increase revenue. Social media experts are skilled in turning your social media followers into instant customers. According to research, 76% of companies that marketed their products and services on social media increased their sales in just under a year. To back up that claim, you should also know that 72% of consumers also use social media for their buying decisions.


Tracking & Measuring Progress

Before you get sales, you need a way to track it. A social media expert can help you set up conversion tracking codes, Facebook Pixel, remarketing audiences, and more! These tracking platforms and social media marketing strategies will help determine how your business is progressing, as well as the state of your audience in the marketing funnel. From product views, leads, add to cart actions, sales, etc., you’ll be able to track them all with the help of a social media expert.



Social media marketing is all about perfect timing. There are a lot more strategies behind social media marketing than what meets the eye. An expert social media manager know the exact time to post specific information about your website that will gain the most attention from your target audience. They also know what platform to post on to achieve the most engagement.


Quality & Compelling Work

Social media is also about keeping your social media profiles as active and engaging as possible. You’ll need more than generic images and some Facebook ads to gain traction. A social media expert from SEOMarketer.com.au knows how to encourage audience engagement and participation in ways that are beyond basic postings. They know how to attract an audience and get people engaged in a particular post. At the same time, they also know the right captions as well as the ideal images to use.



Hire a Social Media Manager Today

There are more benefits that you can get from hiring a social media expert. SEOMarketer.com.au has a roster of professional social media managers standing by to provide the best social media marketing services to you. Visit our website now or contact us via email for more detail.