Physio Westlakes Clinic – A Beneficial Place For Treating Patients

When we think of a physiotherapy clinic, we generally picture a gym with a group of physios or therapists who help a patient regain strength in their weak areas. As we all know, it is impossible to build muscles without working out, and in most cases, even bodybuilders need physiotherapy to maintain their peak physical fitness. In a sense, it’s a lot like an exercise club – the more fit you are, the better your whole fitness level will be. Still, it takes discipline and commitment to maintain your fitness levels, and this is where the benefits of visiting a professional Physio Westlakes clinic can shine through.

physio-westlakesMost people associate a physiotherapy clinic with sports, as most activities require a great deal of strength and flexibility. However, in truth, anyone suffering from any chronic illness or disability can benefit from being treated by qualified therapists. For instance, those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome will often need specialized therapy to alleviate this condition’s symptoms.

Due to the carpal tunnel location, most patients will feel some pain and discomfort when working on the keyboard or holding a screwdriver handle. However, in addition to physical symptoms, patients can also experience a loss of sensation or tingling in the fingers and wrist.

Physiotherapists at a Physio Westlakes clinic will first assess the condition of the patient and the ailment involved. If they feel that the condition requires a more detailed examination, the physiotherapist will arrange for the patient to have complete rest, allowing them to recover fully. On the day of the session, the physio will ask the patient to perform various tasks, such as flexing and extending the arms and wrists. These tasks aim to stretch the muscles, build strength, and encourage reflexes in the patient. Once the muscles have been stretched and strengthened, the physio will then move to implement exercises, such as gentle massage or ultrasound therapy.

Physio Westlakes clinics will often refer their injured patients to an athletic facility or rehabilitation centre. If a patient is suffering from ligament injuries, the physiotherapist will determine if a full recovery is possible through exercises and stretches. The injured ligaments will be stretched, strengthened and rehabilitated, allowing full use of the joint without any restrictions once again. This type of rehabilitation is ideal for athletes who have recently experienced an injury.