Our Cage Free Farms

cage free farmsThanks to new technology and world leading egg production processes, our Cage Free farms are more efficient. That means a better environment for our hens and affordable eggs for you.

Our Cage Free barns are equipped with state of the art features designed to ensure the hens’ comfort:

The temperature of the Cage Free barns is regulated to ensure hen comfort through the changing seasons.

Feed is available via trough conveyors which are monitored electronically. Once minimum levels are reached, troughs are automatically replenished, so wastage is reduced and the hens’ nutritious diet is always available.

Fresh water is available via a ‘nipple drinker’ system. The hens nudge the nipple with their beak, and droplets of water automatically fall. Trays have been placed under the nipples to catch surplus water, to ensure the hens’ home does not become damp.

Both of these systems ensure a regulated supply for the hens and reduced wastage and labour costs for the farmer, which means more affordable eggs for you!