A Look at the Signs That Your Car Needs Brakes Replacement

One of the components of a car that owners like you do not spend that much attention and care is the braking system. However, you know for a fact that the brakes play a crucial role in maintaining safety as well as the excellent running condition of the car. The truth is there is no way you can take a vehicle for a driver when the brakes aren’t in excellent condition.

The good news is when you notice something is wrong with your braking system, all you’ve got to do is visit a Mercedes Service – www.bpbauto.com.au near you to have it checked by a qualified and professional mechanic. Your job as the owner and driver is to learn how to detect the signs that there is an impending issue. So, in this post, we give you some tips on figuring out if your car needs brakes replacement as soon as possible.

1 – Know what to look for and listen to awkward sounds.

You can check the level of wear and tear on your disc brakes by merely looking and listening. You do that by looking at the brake pads in between the spaces in the spokes of the wheel. The outside pad presses against the metal rotor, and the rule is that there must be at least ¼ of an inch of pad. So, if you estimate that it is less than that number, then it is a sign that the brake pads need replacement.

Meanwhile, if you hear a high-pitched screeching sound when you put your foot on the brakes while driving, it is another sign that the brake pads need replacement. A small metal shim named the indicator is the one producing the sound, and it means replacement. The moment you hear it regularly, it means you need to visit your Mercedes Service – www.bpbauto.com.au as soon as possible.

2 – There is reduced responsiveness.

Another sign that your brakes may need a replacement right away is when they no longer are as responsive as they need to, and you will feel this when the pedal sinks toward the floor when you step on it. There is a prospect of a leak in the braking system. The leak could be of two types. The first one is an air leak in which the problem is in the brake hose, while the second one is a brake fluid leak in which you notice there is a small puddle of fluid when you park the car in the same area for a day or two.

3 – There is brake pulling.

Finally, if you notice that your call pulls to one side when you brake, it is a sign that the brake linings are unevenly wearing or perhaps debris found itself in the brake fluid. You are lucky if the solution is a brake adjustment, but for the most part, it usually requires draining the fluid and replacing it.