3 Mistakes Parents Tend to Commit When Buying Kids Shoes/Sandals


As much as your child treats you like a hero, it’s also important to know that parents are also human. That means they can also make mistakes like buying the wrong kids shoes/sandals. As your young one develops over the years, they will need the best shoes to protect their feet as they run and play around. However, some parents tend to make mistakes when buying kid’s shoes for their little one. To help prevent this from happening, we’ve rounded up some of these mistakes to help you correct them.


Buying Shoes that are Too Big

The first mistake also happens to be the most common one of the bunch. Toddlers tend to outgrow their shoes quickly. That’s why some parents get tempted to buy shoes that are one to two sizes too big. They do this to hopefully save money and avoid multiple trips to the shoe shop. However, the downside to this is that wearing shoes that are too big usually results in your child’s foot moving around, which increases the risk of falling or tripping. Kids tend to run around often, so wearing big shoes is a red flag. Instead, make sure you buy shoes that are just the right size to ensure your little one doesn’t have to suffer from an accident.


Buying Shoes That Are Too Narrow

Here’s another mistake that some parents tend to commit but are not entirely aware of it. Kids shoes/sandals that are too narrow may cause blistering at the sizes of your child’s feet. It’s also the reason for ingrown toenails later in their age. The worst that could happen is for your child to develop deformities in their feet. The toes will constantly squish, which can lead to the formation of bunions. That’s why when buying shoes, don’t just look at the size, also consider the wideness of the shoe and make sure it fits perfectly with your child’s feet.


Choosing Incorrect Material

Here’s another notorious mistake that parents tend to commit when buying kid’s shoes. Just because your only buying shoes for your kid doesn’t mean you won’t be mindful with the material used. Most parents tend to buy kid’s shoes made from rubber. However, children perspire more through their feet compared to adults. So, you might want to avoid buying shoes made of rubber or plastic material. Instead, you should go for leather or mesh as they are more breathable. They also allow for normal air circulation within the shoe, keeping your child’s feet from being smelly. It will also prevent your child’s feet from acquiring fungal infections later on.


Make sure you don’t commit these silly mistakes the next time you buy kids shoes/sandals. That way, your child won’t suffer the consequences. For more shoe-buying tips and guides, make sure you subscribe to our blog page.