Win Your Pre Purchase House Inspections With These 4 Tips

After months of sitting in the market, you finally have a potential buyer for your home. Don’t get excited just yet, as you’ll need to pass the home inspections first before a deal is struck between you and your buyer. Homebuyers nowadays have become smarter. They’re no longer the people who tend to skip PremiumPrePurchaseInspections house inspections Melbourne. Instead, they use it as a basis if your property is worth buying or not.


They may sound scary; but if you aren’t hiding anything about your house, you should be fine. But we can never be too sure now, can we? That’s why we also listed four practical tips that you can follow to win your home inspection and get your house sold right away.



Tip #1: Be Honest With the Inspector

As if we didn’t just mention this one. Your honesty during the entire home inspection process will make or break your potential to pass the test. The home inspector will be asking if there are any significant issues with your home. That’s why you should be honest and tell them what you know. The reason is that they’ll find the issue either way, so it’s best, to be honest, to make sure they don’t get the impression that you’re lying to them.


house inspections MelbourneTip #2: Do You Own Inspections First

No matter how honest you are, not being informed about the actual state of your home is still going to hurt your chances of passing the inspection. That’s why you need to make your inspection before the inspector arrives. That way, you’ll know what the issues are and can make the inspector’s job a lot easier.


Tip #3: Check Your Drainage

Your roof plays a significant role in your drainage. If it’s faulty, poor drainage can damage and ruin the foundation of your home. Poor drainage is the most common problem that most house inspectors find. Make sure you fix this to reduce the issues that they’ll record. They should also be thick and long enough to handle large amounts of water.


Tip #4: Remove any Clutter around Your Home

PremiumPrePurchaseInspections house inspections Melbourne also includes the cleverness of the house. Most house inspectors hate inspecting an overly cluttered house. That’s why you should make sure that they are happy by clearing away any clutter inside and outside of your house. That way, they can move freely around your home and will not encounter any obstruction that will hinder or delay the inspection process.


Use these tips to make sure you score big on your PremiumPrePurchaseInspections house inspections Melbourne and strike a deal with your buyer. Access our blog page now to find more guides on how you can sell your property faster.