Top 3 Red Flags that Indicate a Bad Driving Instructor

If you’re going to get a driving instructor to help you learn how to drive, you might as well get the best possible person for the job. Unfortunately, not all driving instructors are of the same quality. There are some that are the absolute best. Then, there are the ones that you should avoid.

driving-instructorIt can be challenging for anyone to determine the good from the bad. That’s why in this article, we’ve listed the top three signs of a bad driving instructor.

Illegal Methods

The first indication of a bad driving instructor is when they’re not doing the job legally. All certified and approved instructors follow a specific curriculum on teaching. They also have to pass the road rules theory test for MDIs to prove their competence as an instructor. They also need to have a badge to indicate that they are recognized as a qualified driving instructor.

If someone is doing the job without having the correct qualifications mentioned above, it indicates that they are illegal and that you shouldn’t associate yourself with them. Keep in mind that paying illegitimate driving instructors is also considered illegal. To prevent paying for bogus driving lessons, as well as sticky situations with the law, avoid illegitimate instructors.

The best way to know that a driving instructor is legitimate is by enrolling in a locally-recognized driving school. That way, you can verify the integrity and validity of the instructor assigned to you.


We always emphasize the fact that driving is a skill that takes a lot of time and practice. Any legitimate instructor is well aware of this process. That’s why they are patient and understanding with their students as they learn the ropes. That’s why when you encounter a hasty and impatient instructor, you should request a replacement from the driving school.

An abrasive driving instructor will not only be frustrating to work with, but will also stunt your development. You won’t have a quality and worthwhile experience and will end up failing your driving exam due to lack of proper training.


Once a schedule has been set between you and your instructor, they will make sure to arrive on time or even earlier. However, if your instructor is always arriving late, you might want to consider replacing him with someone that has good time management.

If he is only late once in a while, it might be due to something unavoidable: traffic jam, an emergency, etc. Once that happens, you can forgive your instructor for his tardiness.

However, if he is late every single meeting, then that is a clear indication of a bad instructor. Turning up late also indicates poor time management on the part of your instructor. He may be trying to schedule lessons too closely together or is running other errands.

Keep in mind that all the minutes lost will add up, which means you’re wasting the money that you’re paying for your lessons. You can either report this to the driving school or just request a replacement immediately.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with bogus driving instructors. Make sure you avoid the bad ones that have these three qualities.