DIY Asbestos Removal Adelaide Safety Tips

When talking about asbestos, people commonly associate it as a dangerous material, and that you will need professional help to get rid of it. However, contrary to popular belief, you can do it by yourself. Given that you are aware of how to remove it and the various safety precautions you need to take, you can remove asbestos in your house without having to wait for days for a specialist to arrive. In this article, we are going to go over some of the useful DIY asbestos removal Adelaide safety tips.



Is It Safe To Eliminate Asbestos By Yourself?

Of course not! That’s why it is highly advisable that you hire professionals instead. But if you can’t wait for a specialist and want to remove it right away, you can do so but keep in mind that you must take precautions. It may be doable but removing asbestos can still be a dangerous and complicated process. Once you have your asbestos removed, you need to take it to a certified asbestos removalist right away for proper disposal.


So without further ado, here are some safety tips that you should know to remove your asbestos successfully. Note that this guide is only for those who already have to knowledge on how to properly execute asbestos removal.


Work Safely

When dealing with a dangerous substance such as asbestos, you need to go the extra mile when it comes to safety. You should cover up and wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to make sure that every part of your body doesn’t come into direct contact with the asbestos. Refrain from eating, drinking or smoking when in the middle of the asbestos removal process. When you do, you will tend to inhale the dust that contains asbestos. That’s why you should always keep your mouth shut and covered at all times during the procedure. Here are other safety tips that you should keep in mind:


Do not use power tools as it will only turn the asbestos into powder – which is something that we don’t want to happen.


Avoid drilling and cutting into asbestos products. Damaging asbestos will break its fibres and turn it into dust.


Wet gently with water. Using a pump spray, lightly damp the sheet to keep the dust down. Keep in mind that water blasting asbestos cement material is illegal.


Getting professional help is still a more convenient and safer option. But if you really like DIY, and you already have the knowledge on how to remove asbestos, then, by all means, do it. For more DIY asbestos removal Adelaide tips, visit our website today.