Adelaide Hills Medical Centre – Know More About This Academic Centre

The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre has offered excellent medical services to many people of different ages for over 35 years. You will find this fantastic centre in the middle of Australia’s beautiful Adelaide Hills. When you enter this centre, you will experience a warm welcome from the front desk attendant, receptionist, or reception staff member. This hospital offers a welcoming and comfortable environment where you can feel at peace.

If you are in need of urgent medical services, you can quickly get an appointment with one of the doctors at the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre. They have dedicated doctors and emergency room staff ready to provide treatment to all of your family’s emergencies, sicknesses and diseases. This hospital also has doctors who are specialised in their area of expertise. Whether you need a general practitioner, cardiologist, orthopedist, diagnostician, plastic surgeon, psychiatrist, neurologist, psychiatrist, surgeon, cardiologist, radiologist or other types of doctor, these professionals are located in the emergency room.


These highly skilled medical staff at the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre also offer admission as an outpatient. You do not need to make an appointment to be seen by any of their doctors. This makes it convenient for people who cannot make their appointments to see their family members. People living in the Adelaide Hills, Pymble Hill, Shortlands, Maleny and other suburbs have access to quality health care and service, no matter what they need it for.


The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is also one of the oldest and largest educational, medical centres in South Australia. There is always a large number of students who attend the educational facility each day. It caters to all kinds of students, regardless of their ages. The educational facilities are impeccable, with well-equipped laboratories, lecture rooms and meeting rooms. The staffs here are always willing to help and assist you in whatever way possible.


Some of the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre services include dentists, surgeons, doctors, consultants, physiatrists, physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, chiropractors, medical assistants, pharmacy technicians, and allied health professionals such as acupuncturists, physician assistants, pharmacy specialists and allied health professionals. The doctors in this centre are all members of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), one of Australia’s most prestigious. This means that all the doctors here have gone through rigorous training and examination to be qualified to treat patients of all age groups. All the doctors here provide top-notch services in their field of expertise to get the best treatment and medical attention.


The hospital premises at the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre have all the necessary amenities for the quick and safe recovery, such as fully equipped emergency departments, surgical theatres, cardiology department, pathology department, emergency departments, operating theatres, intensive care units, dialysis centres, pediatric departments, radiology departments and septic tanks. The hospital also has a dedicated emergency department, where all the patients requiring urgent medical care are taken care of. The doctors and other medical staff here have gone through thorough medical training for their professional careers. The doctors here give personalised attention to every patient, ensuring that they get the best possible treatment.