Cosmetic Procedure to Enhance the Eyes’ Look

Eyelid plastic surgery, also called blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the eyes’ look. Eyelid surgery may be performed on both upper and lower eyelids or just the upper eyelid. Whether you have functional issues with your eyelashes or wish to enhance your overall appearance, eyelid surgery may help rejuvenate the region around your eyes. An experienced cosmetic surgeon should only do this procedure.


Before the doctor performing eyelid surgery Adelaide, he or she will evaluate your health and medical history. This evaluation will help the doctor to determine which treatment options are most appropriate for you. The doctor will also evaluate how much fatty tissue and skin are removed from your eyelid region. Your eyelid muscles and other structures will also be examined. While under anesthesia, the surgeon will carefully remove excess fat, skin and muscle. Your doctor will carefully pack each area and place each area in a plastic bag or sutures.


A cosmetic surgeon may choose to do both upper and lower eyelid surgery. If you have loose muscles or excess fat, the surgeon may choose to use liposuction and excess skin to help you achieve a more contoured look. For people who have eyelid scars, eyelid surgery is often an excellent solution. There are several different types of eyelid surgery available. Some of these procedures are not covered by insurance.


One of the options available to you is an outpatient surgery centre. At an outpatient surgery centre, you will receive general anesthesia through IV medications. An experienced plastic surgeon will perform all of your eyelid surgery procedures.


If you have undergone eyelid surgery Adelaide that has been performed by a qualified and certified cosmetic surgeon, you should have good results. In addition to the correction of your vision, you will also be able to correct the lines around your eyes and between your eyes. Many people have a double chin. If you have excess skin and fat that cover your eyelid, you may be pleased with the results of your surgery. After your procedure, you should be able to see very well in both of your eyes.


Swelling, discolouration and puffiness of your eyes are common after eyelid surgery. If you have any of these symptoms, your doctor will likely explain the potential causes and provide options for treating them. Most people notice a difference within a few weeks of their surgery. However, if you experience severe swelling, redness, itching, fogging or darkening of your vision, you may need additional treatment. It would help if you discussed your options with your cosmetic surgeon before making any permanent changes to your appearance.